Route 66 Centennial


Route 66 Centennial


Route 66


A topographical and chronological history of Route 66 in Bethany, OK.


The Fred Floyd Archives at Southern Nazarene University


The Fred Floyd Archives at Southern Nazarene University




Kim Metcalf- The Hair Boutique, Katrina Calvert, Alexandre Da Silva, Abesolem Mekuria, Arlita Harris, Carson Milligan

Collection Items

2021 Christmas Tree Lighting
This is an image of the Bresee Building on Southern Nazarene University Campus taken during the yearly Christmas Tree Lighting event sponsored by the Bethany Improvement Foundation. This was taken during the 2021 event.

Driver Music Company Postcard
This is a post card with and image of the Driver Music Company building. The Driver Music Company was located on Route 66 in Bethany from 1964 until 1992 when it burned down in a fire.

Bethany Law Center Photo
A photo of the Bethany Law Center Building. The building dates back to 1922, when it was built to house the Farmers State Bank. In 2011, the building was purchased and converted into the Bethany Law Center Offices. The original structure and vault…

Bethany Centennial Mural Photo
This mural was created in 2010 as part of the Centennial Celebration for the City of Bethany. It is part of an ongoing mural project run by the Bethany Improvement Foundation. This mural was painted by Dr. Bob Palmer with the assistance of students…

Bethany First Family Festival License Plate
License plate celebrating the 75th anniversary of the city of Bethany.

McClure's Flowers Sign Photo
McClure's Flowers has been located on Route 66 in Bethany since 1966.

Photo of the Lake Overholser Bridge
The Lake Overholser Bridge was built in 1925 as part of Oklahoma State Highway 3. In 1926, the bridge was chosen as a part of the newly established US Route 66. It remained a part of Route 66 until 1958, when is was determined that the bridge could…

Photo of East Asbury Mural
This is a photo of a mural located on Route 66 in Bethany. It was painted by Dr. Bob Palmer.

Photo of Route 66 from Bethany Water Tower
This photo was taken from the old Bethany Water Tower on 36th and Wilburn.

Newspaper Article from the Oklahoma City Times talking about the rerouting of Route 66 along 39th Expressway in Bethany. Also, a newspaper article about the building of Chapman Dorms of the campus of Bethany Nazarene College.
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