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Title page and overview of proposed reroute of Highway 66 through Bethany. In 1955, Route 66 was needing to be recreated to bypass Lake Overholser in Bethany when it became clear that the Overholser Bridge could no longer handle the amount of traffic…

This map shows the zoning within the City of Bethany, Oklahoma for November 1958.

(BBBG) A flyer and ad. for Arthur Beaver's store. Corner of 39th & Coll.jpg
This was an advertisement from the 1920 Bethanian, a yearbook from what was then called Oklahoma Nazarene College. Oklahoma Nazarene College eventually became Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma. The advertisement mentions a new General…

Bethany College Dorm Ready for First Tenants- Oklahoma City Times 08-23-1956 reduced.pdf
Newspaper Article from the Oklahoma City Times talking about the rerouting of Route 66 along 39th Expressway in Bethany. Also, a newspaper article about the building of Chapman Dorms of the campus of Bethany Nazarene College.

Highway 66 view from Water Tower.jpg
This photo was taken from the old Bethany Water Tower on 36th and Wilburn.

IMG_0419 edited.jpg
This is a photo of a mural located on Route 66 in Bethany. It was painted by Dr. Bob Palmer.

IMG_0443 edited.jpg
The Lake Overholser Bridge was built in 1925 as part of Oklahoma State Highway 3. In 1926, the bridge was chosen as a part of the newly established US Route 66. It remained a part of Route 66 until 1958, when is was determined that the bridge could…

IMG_0432 edited.jpg
McClure's Flowers has been located on Route 66 in Bethany since 1966.

License plate celebrating the 75th anniversary of the city of Bethany.

R66 - Centennial Mural edited.jpg
This mural was created in 2010 as part of the Centennial Celebration for the City of Bethany. It is part of an ongoing mural project run by the Bethany Improvement Foundation. This mural was painted by Dr. Bob Palmer with the assistance of students…
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