Bethany Nazarene College 50th Anniversary 1909-1959


Bethany Nazarene College 50th Anniversary 1909-1959


Notes from the Album Cover:

Bethany Nazarene College, as it is known at the present time, developed through the merging of six educational institutions with the college located at Bethany. This year we are celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the school located at Bethany, Oklahoma.

     The primary purpose of Bethany Nazarene College is to foster, in a world of uncertainty and unrest, a faith in the spiritual and enduring values of Christianity. In these fifty years, the College has outgrown buildings and added new ones. She has not outgrown - and praises God, never shall outgrow - her high tradition of sincerity, faith, conviction, and service. B. N.C. is a college of liberal arts with an emphasis thoroughly Christian. The Division of Fine Arts at B. N.C. was designed from the beginning as an integral part of the liberal arts program. It is not organized as a separate school, but as a Division within the liberal arts college. The department of Music offers a major in the field of applied music, church music, and music education. The work that is given is of high quality, and it is under the supervision of a highly trained and competent music staff.

     The A Cappella Choir was first organized in 1938. Since that time, it has appeared in annual concerts over the entire West Central Educational Zone of the Church of the Nazarene. We take pleasure in presenting Professor Lester Dunn and the 1959-60 A Cappella Choir, the Oratorio Chorus and Orchestra, and the A Cappella Choir and Band.

     We are happy to present Professor Reuben Rodeheaver and the B. N.C. Band, Professor David Uerkvitz at the Piano, Professor Chambers as Tenor Soloist and Carolyn Swigart at the Organ. The art work on the front cover was done by the art department.

     We feel that the history of the past of B.N.C. is a prophecy of the future. We dedicate ourselves to our unfinished task.

50th Anniversary Record

Side 1

1. By the Water of Babylon – Howe

    H. Eugene Chambers, Tenor

2. Praise the Lord – Clarum

    A Cappella Choir; Lester L. Dunn, Director

3. I Fell on My Knees and Cried “Holy” – Cantwell arr. Lester L. Dunn

    A Cappella Choir; Lester Dunn, Tenor

4. God of Our Fathers – Warren

    A Cappella Choir and Band; Lester L. Dunn, Conductor

5. Hallelujah Chorus

    Oratorio Chorus and Orchestra; Lester L. Dunn, Conductor

Side 2

6. Scherzo, from “Sonata in F# Minor Op. 2” – Brahms

    David Uerkvitz, Pianist

7. Hymn of Glory (dedicated to the American Legion) – Pietro Yon

    Carolyn Swigart, Organist

8. Panis Angelicus – Cesar Franck

9. Ariosa – Williams

    Band; Reuben E. Rodeheaver, Conductor

This record is recorded on clear red vinyl.

Original Format

LP Record


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